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Exhibition Hall

Melaka International Trade Centre  Spectacular Exhibition Hall can accommodate various public and trade exhibitions and conventions. This Hall is a pillar less space located on the ground floor measuring up to 13,000 square meters which can be divided inti 3 smaller spaces being Hall A, Hall B and Hall C.



Hall A,B & C


The Hall can accommodate from 3,000 guests and up to 12,300 guests for theatre seating and up to 9,000 guest for dining seating. It can also house up to 728 standard shelf scheme booths.


Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is a pillar free space with crimson carpet located on level 2 and is complimented with spacious foyer; a sheer grandeur which encapsulates elegant surroundings and an aura or elegance for wedding receptions, annual dinners, birthday parties and other special or private events.

A classical and elegant banquet room with a high ceiling and having a total floor dimension of 51m x 25.5m x 4.5m is able to house up to a maximum of 750 guest for banquet seating at any one time.


Klasik Ballroom

The Klasik Ballroom is a 7-pillar space with decorated tiles located on Ground Floor and complimented with a unique design which encapsulates classic surroundings and an aura of elegant for wedding receptions, annual dinners, birthday parties, and other special or private events, A classical and elegant banquet room with a high ceiling and having a total floor dimension of 129ft x 8ft able to house up to a maximum of 400 people for theatre style and dinner – dome style at any one time. While 300 pax of people can be set up for classroom style and 350 pax for dinner – 2 buffet line style.

The ballroom is equipped with a platform stage by upon request. The spectacular lights and stat of the art sound systems are orchestrated from within a control room, enabled with wireless and wire broadband technology.

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Meeting Room

Featuring 6 meeting rooms

Located at Level 1, from board rooms to break up rooms where 4 of which have removable partitions for a larger meeting room when required. Each meeting room has a dimension of 8.5m x 17m with the ceiling height of 3.6 meters.

The meeting rooms can accommodate from 120 guests and up to 480 guests for theatre seating while for classroom seating it can accommodate a maximum of 268 guests and a maximum of 320 guests for banquet and dinner seatings.

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The Auditorium is located on level 1 and suitable for any type of stage event either for a presentation, hosting an award ceremony or dramas and musical performances, convocation or even for a medium-sized conferences.

It is equipped with state of the art visuals aids, lighting system, a 14m x 12m silver screen and luxurious seats housing 272 guests which will give the exclusivity and the ‘WOW’ factor for a remarkable venue.

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The VIP Room is a special suite for the VIP’s and significant guests to relax and unwind before a ceremony. It is also a place to hold press conferences for the events held in Melaka International Trade Centre.

The VIP Room features a lounge and soft bar area stocked with some light finger food and beverages. It is also fully equipped with home theatre appliance and ausio visual karaoke set for the guests to enjoy.


The board Room is located on level 2 opposite the Grand Ballroom and equipped with conference microphones to accommodate up to 20 people. It is generally reserved for the usage of the management of MITC or other government agencies who wish to hold meetings or conferences.

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